Science Resources

Click HERE to find information about oceans and plate tectonics!

States of Matter - Phet

States of Matter


Endangered Animal Project - Ms. Allan

The IUCN Red List - You must search for your animal.

Animal Diversity Web - from the University of Michigan

Sea World Animal Info - In depth information about a variety of animals

World Wildlife Fund - Wildlife advocacy group

ARKive - Lots of photos and videos!

Kids Planet Especies Fact Sheets

Science Articles


Tap Water is Better than Bottled Water for Nature and People

Click HERE for the quiz.

Sea World, Critics debate if park tanks or sea pens are best for orcas

Natural Selection Glogs - Mr. Johnson

Context: All life has developed different ways to survive in their environment. How does this happen?

Task : Research Natural Selection and create a Glog to demonstrate your learning.

Requirements for the Glog:

Use words , pictures , and links to explain the following terms:

1. Define Natural Selection - What is it?

2. Define Traits - What are they?

3. Who is Charles Darwin ? What is his connection to Natural Selection?

4. Define the 4 phases of the Natural Selection Process :

- Overproduction

- Inherited Variations

- Struggle to Survive

- Successful Reproduction

5. Define Adaption - What is it?

6. Define Species - What is it?

Click HERE to get to Glogster. The code you need in order to sign up is: 923AA9

Start your research HERE .

Animal Adaptation Game


Mrs. Hanson

"Getting smartphones to create 3-D indoor maps on the go" Article - Click HERE

Smartphones Questions - Click HERE

8th Grade


Food Dye and Hyperactivity Article - Click HERE

Food Dye Quiz - Click HERE

States of Matter


Build an Atom

Build an Atom

Build an Atom

build an atom

Resources for Mr. Johnson's Science 7 Glogster Project

Genotype and Phenotype - click HERE .

Gregor Mendel - click HERE

Heredity Tour - click HERE

Heterozygous and Homozygous - click HERE

Heredity Games (Passing of traits) - click HERE

Punnett Square Game - click HERE



Geologic Time Scale Research Project - Mrs. Nowak

Purpose : To understand that the development and evolution of the earth as it is today was a process that took hundreds of millions of years and many different steps

Task : You will research all four major eras and fill out the Geologic Time Scale Research Matrix. You will then be using your notes to complete a class project. The notes are due on Monday after your time in the Apollo lab. Remember that all of the links below are available to you at home, too.

  • Precambrian
  • Paleozoic
  • Mesozoic
  • Cenozoic


All Eras:

1. Earth's Timeline - site by MSNBC

2. Tour Through Time - interactive site by Fields Museum

3. Earth Floor - educational site about Geologic Time.

4. Geologic Time Chart - site by Britannica Kids

5. Geologic Timeline - site by San Diego Natural History Museum

6. Geologic Timeline - site by Enchanted Learning

7. Plant Evolution Timeline - site by a Plant Scientist from Australia

8. Plant Timeline - site by Britannica

9. Britannica School Online - login = rutter, password = rutter

10. Mass Extinctions - site by BBC

11. Geologic Time Scale Song

End of the Era:

12. Causes of the Permian Extinction - website about the end of the Paleozoic Era

13. End of the Precambrian Eon - website by National Geographic

14. End of the Paleozoic Era - website by University of California Museum of Paleontology

Video Links for Ms. Walker's 1st Period

How does the heart work?


How does the immune system work?

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