Library Policies

If a library book or textbook is lost or stolen, the fine will be the whole price of the book. Sorry - cash or money orders only; no personal checks will be accepted. 

Students also have the option of replacing the book through Amazon or Please talk to Mrs. Conway or Mr. Luna if you would like more information about this option.

 Any damage to books shortens the shelf life of the book, and hastens replacement of the book. If the library book or textbook is damaged, fines will be as follows:
Writing on pages, cover, edges
$2 each

Bent corners $2 each

Other cover damage (not severe)    

Torn pages
$2 each

Missing pages $4

Stains or marks   $1 - $5

Missing/damaged barcode $5

Broken spine, torn cover $15

Water damage *Half the price of book, if usable
*Full price of the book if mildew/mold damage

The library is a place for students to participate in a variety of activities: studying, homework, reading, projects, board games, and more; our goal is to maintain a safe, positive environment for students. Students are expected to use low voices and respect themselves, each other, the staff and their surroundings. Students behaving inappropriately will be given one warning.  Students who continue to behave inappropriately will be asked to leave or escorted out by campus security.  All school policies apply in the library.  Absolutely no food, drink,r cell phone use is permitted in the library.   

Students are responsible for all textbooks checked out to them. If a book is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student is financially responsible for that book.

Sometimes, books get mixed up. If this happens, the student is still responsible for the book checked out to them. Many teachers allow students to keep their books in their classrooms. Students may do this at their own risk; they are still financially responsible for that textbook. Fines due to damaged, lost, or stolen textbooks will place the student on the Library No Activities List, and may interfere with an 8th grade student’s ability to participate in promotion activities.

Please contact Ms. Conway or Miss Jessica in the library to take care of textbook fines. If a book is not returned at the student’s scheduled textbook return time, it will be marked lost and a fine will be issued. If a fine is paid and the book is later found, a refund will be issued.

Students may check out a total of 3 books per day. They may have a total of 5 checked out. This does not include textbooks or shared reading novels.

Books are checked out for 3 weeks. Check the DUE DATE stamped on the inside cover to find out when a book is due. YOU are responsible to return it then, not your teacher.

Magazines, graphic novels, and manga are checked out for 3 days. Books in high demand will be checked out for 1 week.

If a book is overdue, students will be placed on the Library No Activity List and will not be allowed to check out books at lunch or before and after school.
 Computers:  Computers in the library are available for students to use for school related work and recreational purposes, and are available on a first come, first serve basis; however, students who need to use a computer for school are given priority and gamers will be asked to get off their computer if needed. In order to use a computer, students must present their ID cards to the library staff. Students may print items for school for free; any other printing will cost 10 cents per page. Please know that at times, teachers may reserve computers for their students to use at lunch or before and after school.

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