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Math Resources

Here are some websites where you can find additional help. Some have tutorials that are aligned with our math textbook or specific math standards. There are practice problems like those on our new Smarter Balanced test. Some have some math games that are just fun...

Textbook and Testing Sites
-This is the site for our Go Math books and our Math 1 book. It has our book along with
video tutorials and sample problems for each lesson. Students are already registered.
Student ID is your and the password is ‘school’
**This works best with the Chrome browser**
-This site has all levels of the smarter balanced tests (both math and ELA). This is the
best site for students to practice the test at their grade level.
-This has sample items that students can do online. The problems are both 7th and 8th
- Released test questions from the STAR/CST tests!! Even though we don’t use this test anymore  there are still good problems
 Sites with Tutorials and Help  - has tutorials for almost any math topic AND other subjects also - Great way to refresh and maintain your multiplication facts, etc. - Thanks Ms. Walker! Cool tutorials     on any math topic and various levels AND you can test yourself - Similar to the above link. Offers questions and when you get a problem  incorrect it explains how to do it. [One of our district approved programs. Used in class also! - Interesting way to look at and learn multiplication facts through  patterns  - tutorials on various topics  - sample word problems     for 7th grade - this has online manipulatives like integer (+/-) chips, algebra tiles, etc.
 Sites with Math Games  - Can be reached through student portal also. Used in class also!  - includes an interactive video game... pretty fun!